The SET-SEN-DIM-BM is a batten mounted sensor suitable for installation on surface mount batten type luminaire or side entry into a standard electrical accessory box or moulding via a 20mm knockout.

Key features

• Batten Mounted
• Conduit/Trunking mounting – 20m knockout
• DALI (Broadcast), DSI, 1-10v, Fluorescent and LED
• 360o Passive infrared sensor
• Integrated photocell and IR receiver
• Daylight Linking/dimming
• High bay version for up to 14 meters
• Fully programmable
• Internal mains relay for up to 9 ballasts or drivers
• Fitted with 1.5m single cable

The Batton mount SensorLite dimmable sensor is a stand alone plug and play device, perfect for use on solid or inaccessible ceilings where fittings need to be surface mounted or control is to be added via trunking. It offers the full flexibility of a true multi-sensor, giving DALI (Broadcast), DSI & 1-10v control for both fluorescent and LED fitting types.

SensorLite Sensors offers both presence and absence and even incorporates day light linking for dimming perimeter lights that benefit from a natural light source, offering further energy savings.

Other features include a 360o passive infrared sensor with integrated photocell and IR Receiver for program setup. The sensor is also available for high bay luminaries with a fitting height of up to 14m. The integrated mains relay can switch up to 9 x ballast or drivers and the sensor comes equipped with a 1.5m lead, ready for install.

Applications include: Teaching spaces, Corridors, Meeting spaces, Offices, and back of house and toilet areas, where ever surface mounted luminiears are in use.