SET-PODCU1 Single Channel Relay for control by multiple low voltage PIRs.

Key features

• Connection of upto 10 sensors
• 9 Amps or 9 high frequency control Ballasts or 9 LED Drivers
• Low voltage linkable for corridor hold function
• Photocell control
• Dimensions 147mm x 85mm x 30mm

SET-PODCU1 Single Channel Relay for control by multiple low voltage PIRs. Ideal for corridors and washroom areas where lighting needs to remain on while any part of a space is occupied.

A single point of adjustment of timeout control within the POD Lighting Control Module simplifies setup of absence / presence based control. Also includes facility to incorporate photocells for light level linked control to ensure areas do not activate when high levels or natural daylight are present.

Ceiling and wall mounting sensors available in both standard and long range detection formats to suite various applications.

360º Passive infrared Detector & Light Sensor
Occupancy Sensor PDOCH
Occupancy/Photocell DOL
Timer: 4,8,16 and 32 minutes
Max mounting height 5m x 3.5m radius
47mm x 47mm x 36mm

Photocell PP
Photocell sensors will switch the lights off when a desired light level is being achieved from natural daylight.
Adjustable 0-1200 Lux at the work plane
47mm x 47mm x 36mm

Optical Wall Mounted Sensor MLMW
145mm x 81mm x 52mm

Wall Mounting Bracket SMBW
84mm x 70mm x 60mm

Surface mount adaptor Box PSB
82mm x 80mm x 42mm

The demand button ensures lighting is only brought on by pressing the button.
(The photocell remains dominant) The demand button facility incorporates the photocell override with a continuous hold of the demand button.
80mm x 80mm